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Project Management

From our experience, we have noted the high failure rate of IT projects, despite various research projects by various researchers over the years. The research agree on the reasons for IT project failures.

We have project implemented these findings and will assist our customers with stringent project management principles and prosesses to assure that their IT Project achieve the objectives set out at the start of the project.

We have experience in both PMBOK as well as Prince2 frameworks and from our experience prefer Prince2 for the following reason:

  • Prince2 was developed from a public sector point of view
  • Prince2 place a high premium on the Business Case as well as stage gate reviews
  • Prince2 elevates the management of a project to an executive level, which addresses some of the research findings on project failures.

As certified Prince2 practitioners, we will assist our customers managing their ICT projects to achieve the expected results.

Contact us for more information in this regard.