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ICT Network and Server Infrastructure

We have extensive experience in consulting and developing an ICT Network & Server Infrastructure to suit your business needs.

A Network Infrastructure includes all cabling, switching and LAN/WAN development needs to optimise the utilisation of technology. These include but are not limited to Cat 5/6 cabling needs, Fibre needs, connectivity, Firewall security and many more infrastructural design issues.

A network infrastructure rarely goes without a Server Infrastructure. We also have the capabilities to assess our customers' business needs and develop a "fit-for-purpose" server infrastructure which will optimally use the network infrastructure to achieve best results. A Server Infrastructure includes items like a Server/Client environment, LDAP or Active Directory authentication, Server Network services like DHCP, DNS, Exchange and many more.

We have seen many organisations procuring infrastructure not "fit-for-purpose"; either too few licenses, or an desktop operating system which can not authenticate, etc., causing extra costs. To prevent such fruitless expenditure, we provide our customers with the proper advise on the best combination of a network and server environment.

Open Source

We also have the ability to assist our customers in considering an Open Source solution with considerable financial savings. Linux Desktop and Server environments with the option of providing most of the business applications of businesses, are readily available in South Africa. Maybe the most prominent and relevant to the South African environment is Mark Shuttleworth's Ubuntu Linux initiatives. Read more about these options in our article on Open Source.


Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is

Tags: enterprise architecture,, infrastructure design,, network infrastructure,, server infrastructure,, lan,, wan, switches, active driectory, linux