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it governance

We are passionate about the implementation of ICT Governance (also know as Governance, Risk & Compliance or GRC) to all our customers, both private and public sectors.

ICT Governance is not yet a legal requirement for the private sector in South Africa like for example, the Sorbens-Oxley law in America. However, due to King III (and soon King IV), the JSE and other "watchdog" processes in South Africa, ICT Governance is not only highly recommended but close to being a requirement.

In the public sector, ICT Governance is a requirement for the purposes of the Auditor General audits while the Cabinet in 2013 issued a directive, entrusted to the Department of Public Service (DPSA) for implementation of ICT Governance. Due to these directives, public sector has been given a time-line in which ICT Governance must be implemented.

We are perfectly positioned to assist public sector as well as private sector in advice and the implementation of ICT Governance principles. We have extensive experience in the implementation of ICT Governance in a public sector entity and was involved with the Auditor General in this regard.


Why ICT Governance

ICT Governance is not only about compliance but offer much more to organisations (public and private sector) with regards to business efficiency, value delivery, risk management and resource optimisation. These are the international accepted focus areas of IT Governance. The ever-increasing rise in technology costs forces organisations to ensure that their ICT solutions are cost effective, returns value and provide proper Return on Investment. But maybe most importantly, ICT Governance assists in ICT expenditure and planning and prevent haphazard ICT procurement, but rather ensure it is done in line with business strategy.


ICT Governance Frameworks

Different ICT Governance Frameworks have been developed, like King III, COBIT® , ITIL®, ITG etc., but COBIT® 5 has achieved world-wide recognition as an excellent Process framework through which ICT Governance objectives can be achieved. Cobit® 5 brought together the existing ISACA frameworks like COBIT® 4.1, ValIT® 2.0, Risk IT into a single framework, but also aligned itself to other relevant standards and frameworks like ITIL®, TOGAF® King III and ISO standards, making it an "one-stop" solution.

A complete reference of frameworks, standards and other guidance documents, are available on request. Suffice to mention a few:

  • British Standard Institute (BS25999:2007)
  • Prince2®
  • ITIL®
  • Various ISO Standards
  • King III
  • TOGAF®
  • PMBOK®



  1. ISACA®. (2012).Cobit 5 Enabling Processes & A Business Framework for Governance and Management of Enterprise IT
  2. IT Governance Institute