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Desktop Support

We offer onsite and off-seite (remote) desktop support; that is - if you need assistance in

  • installing a printer
  • connecting to the router or local network
  • email address setup on Outlook or another email client
  • email backup
  • logon to the server
  • share files amongst colleagues
  • etc.

we will gladly assist you.

We have two support models; either ad-hoc / per instance or via a monthly contract.  The monthly contract offers more benefits to you:

  • we will visit your office once or twice a month (regarding your choice) regardless of a support request
  • we will regularly check that your environment is running optimally and that no issues are logged on a server
  • preventative maintenance on, for example, a failing hard drive or power supply
  • we can also add other benefits according to your needs, like backup and recovery maintenance etc.

We log all our support requests through an on-line system to ensure that your request is handled within the Service Level Agreement.  The system also enables you to check the status of your request.  Our Support System is available on this link.

Contact us with your requirements.  If you would like to log a support request right now, click here.

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