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business solutions

We offer a range of Business Solutions to our customers and partner with other service providers to ensure that our customers achieve their business needs with an ICT Business Solutions.

We have experience in providing consulting services in the following areas:business solutions ERP, CRM, Knowledge Management and other Business Solutions .  We also have extensive experience in consulting and implementing these solutions to businesses and strive to provide our customers with the best solution, fit-for-purpose solutions.

We believe it is not cost effective or fit-for-purpose to implement any of the well-known major ERP solutions for a small to medium size business. Equally, its not the best cost effective solution to install a minor business solution for a big company. We will therefore consult with our customers to ensure the right solution is implemented to achieve the objectives of the business solution.

Similarly, we have experience in implementing Open Source CRM, ERP and other business solutions which does the job pretty well!

  • Development of Documents - We have noted over the years that our customers often do not have the necessary policies, procedures and/or strategies which is aligned to their business processes. We will help our customers in developing any document to improve their business processes.
  • Tender Documents - We were involved in various tender evaluation committees over the years and also noted how good tenders were disregarded due to the lack or absence of some tender requirements; often not even related to the solution. With our experience we believe we can help prospected bidders to public sector tenders to develop the tender document with regards to supply chain tender requirements.

Contact us for assistance on any of your requirements.