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A full range of Information Technology & Communication (ICT) services to help YOU achieve business efficiency.

  • Business Solutions

    We offer a range of Business Solutions to ensure that our customers achieve their business needs. Click here for more information on ERP, CRM, and other useful Business Solutions.

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  • Desktop Support

    After implementation, our customers require support. We provide support on a contractual basis or ad-hoc. With our skills and experience on Microsoft Server and Desktop Applications as well as Linux (aka Open Source Software), we can assist you with logged calls. It goes without saying that we also provide you witht he necessary tools; Desktops, Laptops (Notebooks), Tablets, Servers, Components and many other perifial devices.

    If you equire assistance now, log a call through our Support Centre.

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  • ICT Governance

    ICT Governance is not only about compliance, its an enabler towards business efficiency, value delivery, risk management and resource optimisation (also known as GRC - Governance Risk and Compliance). Ensure your ICT Expenditure is aligned with your business strategy.

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  • Infrastructural Design

    Network and Server Infrastructure is essential in integrating your business data and improve operational efficiency within your business processes. We assist you in the best solutions which fit your sizeand needs - fit for purpose! It also know as Enterprise Architecture.

    It goes without saying that we also provide you witht he necessary tools; Desktops, Laptops (Notebooks), Tablets, Servers, Components and many other perifial devices. Click for more information...

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  • Project Management

    According to research, many ICT projects fail or does not achieve the desired outcomes expected by business. Through our skills and experience, we will consult and assist you in managing your ICT implementation projects with stringent principles to improve the success rate of ICT Projects.

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  • Web Site Design & SEO

    From the first step to the last - we are there to help. Domain registration, email configuration and usage, internet support and connectivity and finally, a beautiful designed web site to make your business presence felt on the Word Wide Web. We will continue to monitor and manage your search engine rankings to ensure your found by prospective clients.

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Company Profile

Combining skills with experience.

Fully qualified from Masters degree to Proprietary Certifications, combined with extensive private and public sector experience, ERP project implementations, Audits, Governance etc.

Our Achievements

  • 1 Grounded knowledge base and skills set
  • through education and certification.
  • 2 Backed by extensive experience.
  • 3 Proven by compliant customers.

Our Goals

  • 1 Assist to manage their
  • IT investment
  • 2 Ensure IT expenditure in line with business goals
  • 3 IT equipment within a life-cycle approach
  • 4 Comply with King III eith regards to IT.

Your Benefit

  • 1 Corporate Governance compliance
  • 2 IT expenditure in control
  • 3 Risk Management
  • 4 Increased performance
  • 5 Improved business processes