Our Company Profile

Executive Summary

Mfundisi Consultants, t.a. ComputerNet is a dynamic company with sound business principles and the mission to deliver solutions and services fit-for-purpose. We provide Information and Communications Technology (ICT) related solutions and services to both public and private sector. We focus on the use of the latest technology and business principles to develop cost-effective yet fit-for-purpose business solutions.

We not only provide the solutions but believe in partnering with our customers for continuous business improvement and to stay abreast with technology advancements in a highly competitive business environment.

Our value-added services focus on enabling our customers to achieve:

  • Benefit Realisation
  • Risk Optimisation
  • Resource Optimisation

Being aware of the many challenges of businesses, including among others, shrinking profit margins, fierce competition and the fast-pace of technology advancement, we are determined to exploit all available opportunities to ensure that ourselves as well as our partners "do business better".

Apart from our own team of technical and business expertise, we also believe in partnerships with well established service providers to ensure that our customers have access to the best solutions available.

We also put a high premium on the transfer of skills. We don't believe that it is to our customers advantage to be kept dependent on our services and availability. We will therefore include training and Change Management as key focus areas while delivering our products or services.


Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy

We are convinced that business efficiency and competitiveness is essential for the sustainability of any business. We therefore believe that ICT is a business enabler towards business efficiency and gaining a competitive advantage. With regards to the public sector, the achievement of efficiency increases productivity and allow public entities to improve its service delivery mandate.



Our customers' ICT Investment enables their business strategy and operational excellence.


To assist our customers to manage their IT Investment through IT Governance principles and standards.


  • Consult our customers on an ICT Governance implementation roadmap
  • Ensure ICT investments are aligned with business strategy, fit for purpose and value driven
  • Implement a life-cycle approach to ICT investments
  • Establishour customers' online presence
Core Values

Core Values

  • Honest and ethical business practices
  • Partnering with customers and other service providers to utilise the best solutions
  • Excellence in what we do
  • Skill transfer
  • Service delivery
  • Life-cycle approach

Service Offering

We provide the necessary Consulting Services and proposed solutions to realise value delivery. These Consulting Services covers the all ICT needs and requirements of our customers. These includes, but are not limited to, Risk Management, Disaster Recovery, ICT Governance Implementation, Information Security, Web Site registration and development, Desktop Support, ERP Implementation and Project Management, to name a few. Read more about our services here...


Our competitive advantage is derived from our excellent service ethic and our commitment to quality solutions and service.