Implementing ICT Governance

ICT Governance Implementation is a life-cycle approach and it is recommended that ICT Governance is implemented in phases over a period. Many private and public institutions address the implementation of ICT Governance as a once-off project which is "ticked-off". That is not ICT Governance implementation.

A phased approach means that an organisation starts with preparing the environment (governance enabling structures and culture) by, for example, developing a governance strategy, introducing governance structures, policies, and procedures and creating an enabling environment through change management. This first phase will also include a maturity assessment of your organisation's current business processes and operations. All these preparation will assist in determining the road map for implementing governance.

Following this start-up phase, our experience has shown that a road map is developed for introducing and implementing processes which will increase the maturity of your organisation. It is proposed to start on a small scale as the implementation of governance processes takes time and determined effort from all the role players. Organisations which chose a host of processes are often discouraged and found wanting after an audit cycle. Many processes also require other processes which necessitates proper planning of the implementation road-map. After each phase, a proper assessment is made and the road-map for the next phase are developed.

Organisations should also note that, after successful implementation, continuous evaluation and changes are part of the governance life-cycle. This is why the implementation of governance is not a "tick-box for compliance" exercise but an intention to do better business in the long-term.

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