Upgrading Fedora

Fedora 29 was recently released.  Sometimes its not a bad option to reinstall, but if you don't want to reinstall but do want the new release, dnf-pluging-system-upgrade can assist and make it a seemless operation.

Follow these instructions.

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Things to do after installing Fedora

Fedora 28 was recently released.  We've been playing around with various Linux distributions over the past 15 years, like Limux Mint, Ubuntu, PC Linux, OpenSuSe etc.  We've decided to stick with Fedora and have seen the changes from Fedora 7 or 8 - so long ago, not even sure exactly where we started.

After each fresh install, we do some personalized changes.  Off course, you're choices might be different, but here are some ideas to check out.

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Installing Fedora 28

Installing Fedora from the live CD is fairly straight forward.  You can comfortably follow the default prompts and default configurations, even when it comes to disk partitioning

However, I would reecommend a bit of customisation when it comes to partitioning.  For example, creating also a /var partition makes it possible to reinstall without losing your /var partition.  The same applies to your /home partition.

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Why IT Governance?

ICT Governance is a buzz word and sometimes used as a "stick" to penalise an organisation, or is just seen by Management as an extra ICT related cost for something that might not provide the benefits related to the cost of implementing it.

It's not enough to just have technology. Organisations must also ensure that those technology deliver strategic value. To do this, there needs to be mechanisms in place to regulate, monitor and govern the vlaue creation of the IT investment.

So why are we passionate about ICT Governance? Why should an organisation spend money on ICT Governance. Is it not just policies and procedures for ICT which are in place, or could be developed internally.

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Content Management Web Design

The development and design of web sites have changed tremendously over the past 30 odd years. In the early years, web sites were static pages built with html (hyper text mark-up language). Today, most sites are developed with a Content Management System (CMS) which makes web sites more dynamic and ease the constant updates to content.

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Implementing ICT Governance

ICT Governance Implementation is a life-cycle approach and it is recommended that ICT Governance is implemented in phases over a period. Many private and public institutions address the implementation of ICT Governance as a once-off project which is "ticked-off". That is not ICT Governance implementation.

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