ICT Investment too high?

Do you constantly feel your ICT expenditure is a "big black hole" ...
or that the ICT expenditure is not helping the company to grow?
ICT Investment too high?

Cobit 5 Principles

is an international standard
ensuring your ICT investment is purposeful

Reference: Cobit 5 Framework, p13

ICT Investment too high?

ICT Governance

addresses, among other, these issues;
ensuring your ICT Investment is
aligned to business strategy,
"fit for purpose" and value-driven.

Integrated Reporting & Management

If you spend a lot of time compiling reports from diferent units,
an integrated business solution can save you time and money.
Integrated Reporting & Management


A Customer Relations Manager keeps
track of your customers and
your interactions witht hem.

Integrated Reporting & Management


An Enterprise Resource Solution integrates
all business data with real-time dashboards;
keeping you in touch of your business.

ICT Project Management

ICT projects is often over time
and over-budget without the expected outcome.
ICT Project Management

Prince 2

Prince 2 Project Management principles
continuously check value delivery
and keep executives in control.

ICT Project Management

Project Management

Implementing strict Project Management
principles can increase the success
rate of ICT project implementations.

Web Site & SEO

Research shows that prospective clients
go to a company's web site before buying.
Web Site & SEO

Search Engine Otimisation

With SEO optimisation and management
your site will rank better, driving
prospective customers to your business.

Web Site & SEO

Page Ranking

Does your page shows up
on the first page of a search engine?

ICT Consulting Service

We ensure your ICT investment is an enabler to your business strategy

Our Services

We offer a range of specialised
ICT services to our customers

  • IT Governance

    ICT Governance consulting services, ensuring your ICT investment is an enabler of your business strategy.
  • Business Solutions

    Integrated business solutions helping you to take control of your business data.
  • Support

    End-user support and Service Desk, another by-product of proper ICT Governance.
  • Web Presence

    Web domain registration, hosting services, email and web site design, giving you a presence on the Internet.
  • Project Management

    Project Management ensuring your ICT implementation projects are aligned to business strategy, fit for purpose and deliver the value it was intended for.
  • IT Governance
  • Business Solutions
  • Support
  • Web Presence
  • Project Management


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